Strengthened by its technological progress, STI GENLIS is an expert SME within a broad spectrum, including:
electrical cabling bundles
electrical plates
electrical panels
electrical cabinets
as well as precision assembly

The company integrates and controls the entire process:
quality and logistics,
and a process of continuous improvement



GENLIS STI is recognized for its industrial culture identical to that of its clients, and its proven experience in industrialization.

STI GENLIS contributes to the development and implementation of industrial turnkey solutions which are the most optimized and with very high quality, in series or units, with the guarantee of assistance as close as possible to the needs of its clients.


Innovation & added value

One of our distinctive strengths is the constant search for innovation and advanced solutions in collaboration with all our stakeholders: clients, suppliers, partners, companies...

By working with STI GENLIS your products incorporate an even higher added value, and thus you can confront your competitors better.

STI Genlis

Performances économiques

Economic performance

✔ From the beginning, the search for the most optimized solution: gross cost, total cost (TCO), reliability, speed

✔ The search for increased productivity on raw materials: best components/cost of components

✔ A optimal approach in terms of overall cost from medium to long term, seeking to enter optimally in the own production

✔ During production, budget conditions and deadlines under control

✔ Then our long-term relationship, a regular reflection aimed at finding productive efficiency, shared with you



The quality of our relationship with clients is based on:

A management team made up of five partners of trust, forging close lasting relationships with our clients avec nos clients

An absolute and permanent reactivity, with the guarantee of a response in 100% of cases before each solicitation

25 people in production, highly experienced with an average of 15 years in the company and a know-how in its own sector niches.

axes clés

Commitments & results

STI GENLIS ensures:

 Productivity improvements, by finding the best solutions on the market

 Very high quality level

 A rate of service delivery higher than 98%

 The deadlines execution in J / J+1 on "kanban orders"

 Very short deadlines on "spot orders"

 Tracking of performance indicators

 A reactivity seamless and without delay with answers to the immediate questions or within the hour

 STI GENLIS operators are always available by phone or email