Business sectors

STI GENLIS is involved in many sectors of industrial activity:

Automotive, electrical recharging stations, heavy vehicles, railroad, farm equipment, lifting systems....

Heating, air conditioning, heat pumps, ventilation ...

Machine-tools, Data centres, handling systems, electronics and electronic components, household appliances, aerospace, nuclear, medical, sports equipment.

Year after year, our know-how opens and expands into new areas.

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Geographical coverage

 Since 2011: national coverage and export development in the whole world, mainly through the client markets.

  1998-2011: development of our national coverage, especially with a strong presence in the region of Burgundy, Franche Comté, Champagne and Ile de France

  Before 1998: regional coverage

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Type of clients

STI GENLIS clients are industrial, they are manufacturers of machinery or their own products, interested in the experience of STI GENLIS, looking for reliable solutions

Their size varies from small SMEs, among which there are start-up companies to large global corporations:
- The SMEs + ME segment / 65% of the annual turnover of STI
- The segment of Large Global Groups 35% of the annual turnover of STI GENLIS

90% of recurring customers, divided into 4 groups:

Global groups: Over 10 years of on-going cooperation with 1/3 of the billing

• A group of 15 ME renowned in their respective industries

SMEs: 50% of the client portfolio

New Creation: Currently just under 10% of the client portfolio. This segment is growing from year to year


The motivations of our clients

✔  Development of industrial culture identical to the contractor

✔  Search for the best cost or price/quality compromise

✔  Development of optimal solutions, reliability and versatility....

✔  Development of innovative solutions

✔  Searching for a partner with proven experience in industrial development

✔  Find a reliable partner taking into account the implementation of the agreements and providing the ability to move forward together in a sustainable manner

✔  Refocusing will in the heart of business

✔  Will for outsourcing

✔  Companies LESS

We are used to all kinds of partners: managers, engineers SD, purchasing managers, production managers, technical experts, purchasing committees.