The performance of STI GENLIS is based primarily on the skills of its teams, and its social atmosphere.



 The professionalism of STI GENLIS is linked to its human capital and the spirit of belonging of its employees.

We are developing 4 main guidelines:
• a collective culture focused on customer relations
• an organization of autonomous production units (APU)
• versatility, flexibility and responsiveness
• openness in human relations

Denis Boulinier

Denis BOULINIER - Manager

Denis BOULINIER 4 functions: directorship, trade, management and technique. He is defined as the leader and principal investigator of the company. He is an enthusiast about the industrial world, he has 25 years of experience* before acquiring STI GENLIS, directed since 2015.

(*) In the automotive, energy, construction, aviation and space sectors. International experience, in many subsidiaries of large groups, subcontractor of range 1 or 2.

Equipe STI Genlis

4 poles


 General administration, finance and prospecting

Studies, industrialization, methods and approach of continuous quality improvement


Sales and Logistics



In STI Genlis, the management team is an entity in itself. Its 4 partners provide you equally with a reaction capacity and one overall quality at a high level, they are accustomed to responding to challenges and provide high added value to your projects, reacting swiftly when needed. But most importantly, as you will notice, it is their complementarity and transversality.

Sandrine FINEL - Manufacturing quality

On the management side, after more than 12 years, Sandrine is your privileged partner. Dynamic young woman, she has three main tasks: the commercial encryption, the start of production and overall quality management in place. Sandrine keeps track of your project from A to Z, she adores the transversal aspect of her work and continually checks everything.

Nicolas Pothier - Responsable for Sales administration of logistics (SA)

As head of sales and logistics management, Nicolas is your privileged contact for the taking and tracking of orders. For more than 5 years in his post, he has effectively managed the chain from ordering to billing through the appros, the stock and production launch. A true multifunction, he loves the variety of tasks and teamwork. His two main assets: a sharp listener and fast response.

Aurore GUITARD - Administrative and accounting assistant

She started very young in STI Genlis, Aurore has followed all the developments of the company, she has been an accountant secretary for 15 years. Equally passionate about the practical side of the business, she is in charge of methods regarding the introduction of operating ranges. Your inquiries will always be responded with involvement and care.


• The performance of STI GENLIS is based largely also on the abilities acquired by its production teams

• Altogether around thirty people, technicians and production operatives highly experienced, having developed its know-how in their respective areas.

• The average age of our staff is 40 years old, with an average of 14 years working for the company and 2/3 of the staff have a record of more than 20 years.


The directors, managers and operators are part of the fluid relations with stakeholders. This results in the following behaviour:
- Rigour and demand in our relationships
- High levels of listening, integration and implication.
- Availability and fast response, no zapping
- Search of solutions and achievement determination
- Capacity of setting limits when it exceeds our possibilities


HRP policy

✔  Agreement of incentives for employees according to results / performance of the company

✔  Important programs for continuous training to train our staff in new technologies and encourage multi-skilling

✔  Agreement of annualization of working time which allows to respond quickly in the shortest possible time to client requests

✔  Research and permanent investment to improve the working conditions and welfare of employees, in order to minimize absenteeism and shifts.

Selection criteria:

✔  People whose skills are tested

✔  Values, mentality and behaviour in line with the corporate culture and team spirit of STI GENLIS