In the French market for cabling and installation of electrical systems for the industry, STI GENLIS is characterized by its evolution and strategic decisions made during the last decade.


2019: increase in the share of turnover in products with complex electrical integration

Once again, the presence of STI GENLIS is strengthening in very high-tech electrical markets with new customers for circuit boards and electrical harnesses.

At the same time, STI GENLIS is making historic investments with new automatic machines and new MES APS software.

2018: turnover doubled compared to 2014

STI Genlis' presence is growing in new markets and fornew customers.STI Genlis' presence is growing in new markets and for new customers. 2018 sales reached 5 million euros. At the same time STI Genlis deepens its relationship with its historical and loyal customers. The entire STI Genlis team thanks them and is committed to serving them by aiming excellence.

2017 : 95% of sales in electrical products.

STI Genlis increases its achievements in the electrical field with new products electrical harnesses , boxes and electrical accessories .

2015: change of address & acceleration of internal growth

Denis BOULINIER, current director, acquires the company and develops a policy of internal growth in the products regarding electrical cable sets, electrical installations and electrical cabinets for the entire industry. Sales in 2016 amounted to 3 million euros. STI GENLIS invested in new equipment and the digitalization of business with the highly successful software EPLAN (electrical charts, 2D and 3D representations of electrical cable bundles and electrical cabinets) and strengthens its study office.

2013: expansion of 50% and cabling of unit cabinets

During the first half of 2013, STI GENLIS expands its limits in 1800 m² of additional infrastructure, which sums in total 5500 m². 800 m² more are assigned to the store and 1,000 m² are dedicated to the installation of the new workshop for cabling of unit cabinets.

2011: ERP & electrical unit cabinets

In 2011, STI GENLIS establishes two new impulses. On the one hand, the commissioning of a powerful ERP, covering all industrial and organizational activity of the company. On the other hand, with the launch of a new activity "study and making of electrical unit cabinets" in response to numerous requests from its clients in the industry and service sector. Thanks to its industrial culture, this complementary activity is growing significantly.

2010: acquisition of a new site, three times larger

In early 2010, there is a significant growth, STI GENLIS moves its production equipment to the old THOMSON facilities, always in Genlis, tripling its floor area. With a technical platform of 4000 m², the company has now optimal logistical conditions to continue its development.

2004: buyback of the company and diversification, reorientation

It is in times of difficulties when Didier CONTREPOIS reacquires the company and cements a policy of diversification-reorientation towards the manufacture of electrical assemblies in periodic series, as small as necessary, for all industries. An appropriate choice which ten years later is transformed into an 80% of BF in this sector.

1988-2003: Historical activity

During its first fifteen years (since 1988, date of its creation until 2003), STI GENLIS mounts car closures on behalf of a global automotive supplier of rank 1. The industrial requirements of this service contractor will build the positioning and the culture of the company STI GENLIS: flexibility, responsiveness, efficiency in industrial organization (5S, Kanban, lean manufacturing...), constant search for ways of productivity, continuous improvement of the organization system (ISO certification), etc.
In the mid-90s, the industrial policy in the automotive sector is evolving towards the establishment of new factories in low cost countries, creating a strong and continuous drop in volumes outsourced to subcontractors such as STI GENLIS.