Electrical cabinets

STI GENLIS’ "electrical cabinet research and wiring" department is ultra-modern.

► Electrical cabinet wiring and integration

Electric boards and switch boxes

Research and production in small repeating series of full electric boards and switch boxes.

► Production of electric boards and switch boxes

Wiring harnesses

STI GENLIS produces connector assemblies of many types and brands.

► Production of wiring harnesses

Electrical wires and cables

Specially intended to provide you with stripped and crimped wires and cables that are cut to length for use in your wiring projects.

► Electrical wires and cables

Mechanical assembly

STI GENLIS specialises in various kinds of small-scale, repeating series mechanical assembly.

► Mechanical assembly

Industrial sorting and packaging

STI GENLIS has over 25 years of experience as an industrial sorting and packaging subcontractor.

► Industrial sorting and industrial packaging

Industrial subcontracting of electrical cabling, wiring harnesses and wiring

The Burgundy leader in industrial manufacturing and subcontracting of wiring, electrical cabling, wiring harnesses, mechanical assembly, industrial packaging and industrial sorting, STI GENLIS has been operating from the heart of the Côte d’Or department (21) since 1988.

Are you looking for a single contact, a company that masters many skillsets which is equipped to handle all of the steps of your order, from the study phase to the finishing touches of your project?

We propose to examine your request, in strict observance of the level of confidentiality necessary for a long-lasting business relationship, while offering you technological monitoring and our expertise in the implementation of logistic, administrative and commercial tools for cost reduction.

First and foremost, our organisation is based on our team’s human skills. Composed of around forty people (including 85% with more than 15 years of seniority) organised into autonomous production units, the team’s members can be characterized by a strong sense of belonging to the company and a shared culture of good client relations which is appreciated across the board by our clients.

As for the electrical aspect of our business, we also have a pool of machinery and state-of-the-art control procedures at our disposal.