Industrial outsourcing for electrical wiring and electrical integration for industry

Leader in electrical systems and electrical integration for the industry, STI GENLIS is specialized in wiring, the manufacturing of cable sets, panel cabling, electrical boards, differential boxes and electrical plates. STI GENLIS also has a company for precision assembly, packaging and industrial classification. STI GENLIS is located in the heart of the region Côte d'Or (21) since 1988.

STI GENLIS has a long experience and high-performance equipment, including the machinery and means of supervision at the forefront of technology. Are you looking for a single company, which is able to dominate different skills and manage all your requirements from the study to implementation of your project? Please contact us here.

Electrical panels

STI GENLIS has a department of cabling for electrical boards, panels and differential boxes (manufacturers of control units).


Plates and electrical boards

Manufacture of electrical plates, electrical enclosures and differential boxes (integrator).


Cable sets

STI GENLIS is specialized in the manufacture of cable sets.


Wiring and electrical cabling

Réalisation de câbles électriques ou fils électriques, coupés à longueur, dénudés, sertis.


Precision assembly

STI GENLIS is specialized in different kinds of precision assembly for small sizes and repetitive series (as small as needed).


Classification and industrial packaging

STI GENLIS has been externalizing industrial processes of classification and packaging for more than 25 years.


Lasting and trusting relationships

We study your request with the greatest possible respect for confidentiality, which is necessary for a sustainable relationship, ensuring technology surveillance and offering our experience in the implementation of tools for logistics, administration and marketing, therefore allowing cost reduction.

The main strength of STI GENLIS is undoubtedly its human capital. The team is composed of around thirty people (2/3 of which have been working for over 20 years), organized in an Autonomous Production Unit. They have a strong sense of belonging to the company and a collective culture of customer relations that are recognized by all.

STI Genlis